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Everywhere 1.5 m Wash hands No hands or kisses

All persons using Ice Rink Leuven or its facilities do this entirely at their own risk (Skating at your own risk) and can not claim damages of any kind against the owners, management, staff or clubs of Ice Rink Leuven. Skating can be dangerous and Ice Rink Leuven can not be held liable for any loss or injury incurred regardless of its nature.

Ice Rink Leuven recommends the use of protective clothing (helmet, elbow / knee pads and gloves). Skates can be hired. In our shop you can buy skates, helmets, gloves, socks and any protective materials.

Pregnant women or people with medical problems (back, heart or other issues) are strongly advised not to skate or participate in other activities.

IJce Rink Leuven will not be held liable for any lost or stolen items. A guarded vestiaire is available at the checkout for a small fee.

Ice Rink Leuven can use special lighting including strobe lighting, which can lead to an epileptic attack on sensitive viewers or otherwise harm their health. Anyone who is sensitive to this should not be allowed to participate in the Disco skating.

Ice Rink Leuven reserves the right to refuse service or access to anyone.

House rules (only available in Dutch)