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Ice rink Leuven will be open again as of Saturday 23rd of June

As of Saturday 23/06/2018 the ice rink in Leuven is open again for skating.

Eight nights of sleep away from ice skating in Leuven.

Today, Friday, June 15, the compressors are turned back on to start cooling the concrete floor.
On Monday, June 18, we will begin to make the first layers of ice. This, together with the dyeing of the logos in the ice and the laying of the game lines for ice hockey, takes up the rest of the week. On Saturday 23 June the ice will be ready for you!

We worked hard for two weeks to get everything restored and cleaned.
The videos can be found on our Facebook page.

Celebrate your birthday in the summer holidays?

Celebrate a birthday party during the summer holidays ?

The last week of the school year is also an ideal moment to quickly organize birthday party to be with the classmates, before the summer holidays begin!

Open every day during the summer vacation

During the summer holidays, we are open every day for the public from 1.30 pm to 4.50 pm.
You can find all the opening hours here.

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